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UK Boiler Grants

Free boiler and storage heater replacements and upgrades are available via The Energy Companies Obligation. Boiler & Heating Grants are awarded with no obligation to pay them back, meaning you really do get something for nothing!

Just as long as you meet the income criteria and your heating is in need of replacing, then there is a grant award ready to be claimed.*


Enter your postcode to see if you qualify:

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*The UK Government set up a scheme in 2012/3 to help those at risk of fuel poverty reduce the cost of heating their home, and in turn to reduce their carbon footprint.

Homeowners and Private Tenants that meet the income related criteria, and have a current boiler/heater that is classed as inefficient, can qualify for a free of charge replacement to a new ‘A’ rated condensing boiler or modern storage heater.  In addition to a free new boiler, you will also receive heating controls such as a room thermostat and TRV’s for your radiators, if you don’t already have them (boilers only).

The amount of funding you will be awarded is based on the current efficiency rating of your home. As such a free energy assessment will be carried out prior to installing the new boiler to determine your grant award. If you live in a modern and efficient home, the grant may not cover the full cost and a contribution maybe required. There is no commitment to proceed in these cases and no cost to find out if you qualify.