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How We Help


We have built a simple to use tool that allows you to apply for your free boiler or storage heaters in less than 2 minutes.

Once your application is received we will review it to check if you should qualify for a grant. If so we will then contact you on the number you have provided to arrange for a free home efficiency survey and to check the current heating qualifies. 

Once qualified, we will arrange for a Gas Safe Engineer that is approved under the Government ECO scheme to supply and fit your new A rated boiler or for a qualified electrician to install your new electric storage heaters.


Reducing Fuel BIlls

Put simply, an old boiler wastes energy. If your current boiler has an efficiency rating of G, then about 1/3 of the energy it produces is being wasted. So for every £1 of gas you are spending, about 35p is being thrown away!

A new modern condensing boiler is far more efficient and is likely to have a fuel efficiency rating of over 90%, which in turn will only waste less than 9p for every £1 spent, compared to the 35p of your old boiler.

When you also factor in the addition to adding heating controls such as a room thermostat and the ability to control the temperature of each radiator in your home, then the entire heating system becomes more efficient and uses less fuel, in turn saving you money each year on your gas bill.

The Energy Savings Trust estimate that an average family can save up to £350 per year by upgrading from a 'G' rated boiler to an 'A' rated equivalent. 

The Energy Savings Trust estimate that an average family can save up to £350 per year by upgrading from a 'G' rated boiler to an 'A' rated equivalent. 


The UK, like all other EU countries, has signed up to reduce the carbon emissions it produces as part of a long term plan to help save our planet.

One of the main producers of carbon within the UK is our housing stock. Part of the Uk Governments plan to help reduce our emissions and hit our targets is to improve the efficiency of our homes through a number of measures, of which one is called the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO).

Whilst the UK Government has set this plan in place, the actual cost is covered through the large profits made annually by the big energy companies within the UK, such as British Gas, N-Power, EDF, SSE, E-On and Scottish Power. Each of the big energy companies has been given a carbon reduction target to hit, of which they are able to achieve through helping low income families and those at risk of fuel poverty, to upgrade their heating. This in turn not only reduces the amount of carbon being produced, but lowers the fuel bills of those most in need.

1, 2, 3...Done!

Applying for a Free Boiler or Storage Heaters under the ECO scheme with FreeBoilerGrant.org.uk is a simple 3 step process from start to finish.

Check If You Qualify

Simply use our tool to find out if you qualify for a free boiler or storage heater, then complete the application form on this page to apply for your free grant. 

If you are in receipt of Tax Credits, please check the income section of your annual award letter. The combined wages for the current year need to be less than the amounts stated on this website, subject to how many children are stated on the award letter. You dont need to include the tax credit awards as part of this income. Your letter must be dated within 18 months. All Qualifying benefits paperwork must be addressed to the same property as the boiler is to be installed. If your paperwork is still at an old address, please contact the relevant government help desk for a new version to be issued.

Free Heating Survey

One of our Energy Assessors will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit you, check your qualifying paperwork and conduct a quick energy assessment of your home. This assessment takes about 30 minutes and will check the old heating system qualifies for replacing. As well as checking the old heating, they will need to measure the house size and check the building efficiency rating, in turn this will provide a grant amount and let us know the relevant new heating system to install. An average home will qualify for a fully funded boiler/heater replacement and new heating controls, if required. 

New Heating installed

Our qualified Gas/LPG and Oil Engineers and/or Electricians that are approved to fit boilers and storage heaters under the ECO scheme will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to replace your old boiler with a new A rated condensing boiler or storage heaters with modern Dimplex versions. They will take away the old boiler and any rubbish that is created during the install, so there is no need to worry about any mess being created. If your home also needs heating controls they will fit a Programmer, TRV's and a Room Thermostat. All you will need to do is sign a form to confirm the new boiler has been fitted. 

After Install

Selected customers maybe contacted by an independent assessor to ensure that the heating has been installed to the required standards. This process ensures that installers working under the ECO scheme are fit and proper and helps maintain customer satisfaction. As such you can rest assured that work completed under ECO is of a high standard.
In order to maintain a boiler warranty we recommend servicing your boiler on an annual basis. There is no obligation to have the boiler serviced by any particular installer. We can offer a optional servicing package if required.
All boilers and storage heaters fitted under ECO will be brand new and provided with a manufacturer warranty to help with peace of mind.