How do I top-up my boiler pressure?


How do I check the pressure?

Loss of water pressure can cause your central heating to stop working. Check the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler, it should read between one and two bars of atmospheric pressure. Below one, indicates that your boiler pressure is too low.

How do I top up the pressure?

To top up your system and increase the pressure:

1. First you will need to locate your filling loop. This is usually a silver/grey coloured, flexible hose with a small valve at each end, and you’ll find it either underneath your boiler or nearby.

Make sure the boiler is switched off and the system is cool.

The hose will have a valve at both ends – make sure both ends of the hose are securely attached to both valves.
The valves can be opened either by tap handles, or by using a flat headed screwdriver.

2. Open both valves to allow the cold mains water into the system. You should hear water filling the system.

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge until it reaches 1.5bar, then close of both valves, one after the other.

3. Once the pressure is at the required level, switch the boiler back on and (if required) reset the boiler.

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